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FAQs related to all aspects of the process

The SoldOnline platform (Auctioneer Lic. 238350) is subject to the same stringent laws that apply to every Real Estate auction in Australia.

The platform is legally compliant as approved by ASIC and the Office of Fair Trading and all contracts generated from the platform are legally binding, providing the same protection and opportunity that vendors and bidders experience in a physical auction.


Everything related to bidding for property

Registration is simple. Just contact the selling agents and they will step you through the process. The selling agent's details can be found on the listing page. Bidders must provide the agent proof of identity (typically driver's licence or passport).

The agent will enter them into the auction system and an email will be sent out to you to finalise your registration online and select a bidder's number.

Contracts for residential and rural property will be available on the property listing page. You will need to provide your email and telephone details to download a contract from our site.

Alternatively, please contact the agent. Contracts for commercial property will be available as soon as possible after the listing has been received but well before the auction commences.

No, a bid cannot be retracted after it has been logged.

When you place a bid, you will be taken to a pop-up box where you will confirm that bid and agree to our terms and conditions, one of which is that you cannot retract that bid.

Yes. Our system clearly indicates if the reserve has been reached or not. This can be seen in the bidding history box on the publicly viewable property page or from the bidding page if you are a registered bidder

Additionally, all registered bidders will receive email and SMS notifications when reserve has been reached.

Absolutely! We encourage a two way communication between buyers and agents. You can send them an instant message via the online chat box located on the bidding page, or you can communicate with them outside of the platform via email or telephone.

Because we have given you more time during the auction, you could probably even visit them.

Yes. Under the legislation and our terms and conditions, an owner can place one bid. It is called a vendor bid and if made, will be displayed and marked as a vendor bid.

If a co-owner of a property wishes to purchase the property from the other partner/partners, their bids will be clearly displayed as co-owner bids.


FAQ's from a vendor's perspective. Listing agents please contact us direct.

We have a strong network of proven and experienced real estate agents in all states of Australia and can offer our recommendation for the best candidate to service your requirements. As experienced auctioneers and real estate professionals, we will also be able to provide you with general advice and a balanced opinion as to which method of sale would best suit your circumstances.

There is a single flat fee with no additional hidden fees. Please contact us for our latest specials and most up to date pricing.


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