Online Rural Property Auctions In Australia

Online rural property auctions - making sure distance no longer matters

Providing convenience for rural property purchasing

One of the biggest challenges to the property auction market remains attracting bidders to onsite auctions. With SoldOnline, our online rural property auctions remove the issues of geography and distance from your potential purchasers! Whilst capital city properties represent an easier option for travel, rural and regional properties suffer as vendors may not have the scope to attend.

As a larger proportion of property searching and due diligence continues to move online, so too the traditional auction format is beginning to transform into the online rural property auction model.

online rural property auctions

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Founder of SoldOnline and industry respected auctioneer, David Scholes has spent decades calling auctions Australia-wide. No stranger to travel, he perceived an opportunity in the market for real estate agents to provide a more convenient way to attract bidders for the rural markets.

“Regional auctions are an interesting proposition”, according to David. “During my career I’ve seen so many rural properties passed in as the distances to auction have excluded prospective purchasers. Invariably, in these situations, the onsite auction model has been moved to the side in favour of private treaty or direct sales. In my book, this prevents the vendor from achieving the highest results possible”.

Opening the door to a wider market - online rural property auctions are ahead of the game

In an era where an increasing number of regional property purchases are made by offshore buyers, it makes perfect sense to move auctions online.

“We are seeing that introducing online rural property auctions is something regional real estate agents are really warming to”, says David. With over 800 properties having been auctioned on the SoldOnline platform, there is clear evidence of this.

Previously real estate agents have tried offshore marketing, but then the process can fall down when the onsite auction is impossible for vendors to get to. We see that there is a great alliance between savvy marketing to an international audience and an online property auction. The potential audience is widened significantly and this works not just for the individual property, but for the market at large.

Bringing Time & Distance on your side - online property auctions make the world a smaller place

SoldOnline’s rural property online auctions have been designed to allow bidders adequate time to put in well conceived bids. As your potential purchasers may be in different time zones and vast distances from the property, a traditional onsite auction can be challenging.

An online property auction takes place through our online portal and usually lasts a few days. This means that, no matter where your bidders are in the world, they can bid in appropriate hours for them and watch the metered progression of bids. The process is transparent, so bidders can see as a new bid is placed. Should they wish to increase their bid, they have enough time to consult their advisors or secure additional finance.

Our professional auctioneers monitor the auction and can amend bidding increments, negotiate where required and assist in achieving the best sales result possible. Throughout our time in the online auction space, we have assisted many rural real estate agents to achieve outcomes beyond expectations. As an emerging tool, online property auctions are a great way to expand your reach and enable an array of different buyers to secure your property.

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