Professional Real Estate Property Auctioneers In Australia

Let’s Talk about the role of Australian Property Auctioneers with SoldOnline

Why the experience of a qualified Real Estate Auctioneer still matters

SoldOnline is a vibrant, new platform facilitating online property auctions. As experienced real estate auctioneers and property auctioneers, we have harnessed our industry knowledge and history to create a system for online property auctions which gives vendors access to a wider market in terms of both scale and location.

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Previously, property auctioneers were only able to meter bids placed within the group of bidders who present at the onsite auctions. Now, with the benefit of SoldOnline, our property and real estate auctioneers can take into account all aspects of the auction and to adjust in real time the flow and the direction of online property auctions.

David Scholes has shared his 3 decades of auctioneering experience with SoldOnline. Having called over 35,000 physical auctions himself, David is a pre-eminent auctioneering expert. The skills, the negotiation tools and the bidding structure of this online real estate auction platform have all been created utilising this experience.

Our property auctioneers are more than just pretty faces

Real estate auctioneers and property auctioneers Australia wide rely on an in depth understanding of the real estate market, the property landscape and the mechanics of auctions. SoldOnline brings this knowledge together and presents a highly effective tool for the real estate industry which is of benefit to property buyers, vendors and real estate agents.

Each online property auction is guided by our professional real estate auctioneers to adjust timing, bidding increments and to negotiate if a property is passed in. This allows prospective buyers time, confidence and security when bidding on a property.

The popularity of auctions and the emergence of online auctioneers

Right now in Australia, property auctions comprise 10% of all property sale transactions. This is due to the unequivocal fact that auctions are a valid and effective way to sell property for maximum sales opportunities. We are always mindful to state that online auctions are an impactful mechanism to sell property, especially when your property is rural or regional. It is a tool which can be leveraged to gain a wider market, where prospective buyers may be excluded due to geographical issues in attending an onsite auction.

Auction Clearance Rates

It’s no secret that clearance rates have had a significant impact on the levels of properties going under the hammer in recent years. SoldOnline addresses many of the reasons onsite auctions may have decreased.

  • - Real estate auctioneers all speak about vendors being put off by frenzied approaches at onsite auctions. SoldOnline as a digital auction provides a decentralised auction model where in person tactics are abolished and adequate time is given to place bids.

  • - Property auctioneers also state that they have witnessed properties being passed in as an inadequate amount of time is provided to complete due diligence. With SoldOnline however, our property auctions last for days - not minutes - allowing prospective buyers enough time to complete their research

  • - Geographical distance and timing can prevent significant numbers of people attending an onsite auction. With SoldOnline, buyers can bid from anywhere in the world with internet connection.

As with any sales strategy though, it’s imperative that you research whether an online property auction through SoldOnline is the right fit for you or your client.

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